Image of Bambi



Artist: Stephanie Skabo
Title: Bambi
Medium: Mixed media on PVC with Swarovski crystals
Size: 104 x 154 cm
Edition: 3
Year: 2017

Description: This artwork is framed

Stephanie Skabo is an American / Norwegian figurative painter and photographer. Themes and styles in Skabo's work reference anecdotes and narrative, while primary influences by Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, place her work as a contemporary Pop Art Artist. Skabo works with mixed medias, her main tools are photography and painting. The picture composition is mainly made out of iconic motives with textual reflection. Typical motives are supermodels, classic cars, buildings and commodity products. There is a hint of political agenda in many of her pictures with a strong aspiration towards feminine ideals with sexual undertones.

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